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Filamena Young
17 March 1981
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Filamena was raised in the late 1920s, educated privately in a small and cosy cottage in the British country side by Miss Marple and Hercule Poirot. Of course, not being British, nor having been born yet, she couldn’t stay there long. (An early crush on a man named Holmes helped to speed along the escape. He wasn’t interested.) So, she hitched a ride on a whaling vessel and headed back to the states. In hindsight, she suspected people named ‘Ishmael’ were not to be trusted.

Getting into grade school, she immediately found boys and decided that boys were good. Especially if they were made of paper. After more than a few torrid affairs, (Pinhead, Lestat, and Randal Flagg coming to mind) Filamena found her one true love in the form of a boyscout who went by the name of Marlowe. The relationship was doomed, with Marlowe being nearly forty years her senior. It is rumored that she has since been seen stumbling around in second hand stalkings on the arm of a Tyler Durden, but that rumor cannot be confirmed. Also, she is a working writer and mother of one. Not Tyler’s.